Lojack Jammers

Lojack jammer can meet your target of most general type of affected frequencies. Its design and working principle is based on the selective blocking of theradio signals. Lojack jammer transmits on the same radio frequencies as the target device,LoJack system and GPS locator, GSM tracking system. When you turn on it, select the desired position band and press the “jamming” button. The red light will start blinking to inform you that the device is working properly .The unit will work as long as there is a power source such as batteries or an adapter connected to it.The Lojack Jammer can be used in any place where radio communication needs to be blocked. For example:conference rooms, museums, galleries

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Lojack Jammers FAQS

What Is Lojack Jammers?

Lojack is a brand of radio frequency (RF) devices used to track and recover stolen vehicles, articles, and people. The system uses radio transceivers installed in the target vehicle or article that communicate with base stations operated by security forces. Lojack was created in 1986 as an improvement over existing vehicle recovery systems that relied on visual sighting or human tips.

Lojack devices are used by police and security forces in over 30 countries worldwide. In the United States, Lojack-equipped vehicles are recovered an average of two to three days after being reported stolen, compared to the national average recovery time of 30 days for un equipped vehicles.

How Do I Use Lojack Jammers?

If you are worried about someone tracking you, there are a few different ways that you can use a Lojack jammer. One way is to simply place it in your car. This will prevent the Lojack system from being able to track your car’s location. Another way is to wear the device on your body. This will prevent the Lojack system from being able to track your location.Last, you can place the device in a backpack or under a seat. This will make it more difficult for the tracking device to get a clear signal.

What’s The Warranty, Return & Refund Policy?

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