RC Jammers

The RC Jammer is the perfect device for anyone who wants to block/jam radio controlled frequencies. This powerful little device can disrupt any RC signal, making it impossible for remote-controlled devices to function. Whether you’re trying to prevent your neighbor’s remote-controlled car from driving through your yard, or you want to keep your office free of remote-controlled toys, the RC Jammer is the perfect solution.

  • N16 Cellphone Jammer

RC Jammers FAQS

What Is RC Jammers?

An RC jammer is a device used to prevent remote controlled (RC) devices from working. RC jammers work by emitting a signal on the same frequency as the RC device, which disrupts the communication between the RC device and its controller. This can render the RC device inoperable, or at least make it much more difficult to use.

RC jammers are commonly used to prevent people from using RC devices to interfere with public events or activities, such as concerts or sporting events. They can also be used to keep people from using RC devices to spy on others, or to disrupt radio-controlled equipment that is being used for illegal purposes.

How Do I Use RC Jammers?

To use an RC jammer, you simply turn it on and point it at the RC device you want to disable. The jammer will emit a signal that interferes with the RC device’s ability to receive and respond to its remote control. This will effectively disable the RC device.
RC jammers are legal in most countries, but there are some exceptions. Make sure to check your local laws before using one.
There are a few things to keep in mind when using an RC jammer:
The jammer will only disable the RC device if it is within range. The range will vary depending on the specific jammer, but most have a range of about 30 meters.
The jammer will also interfere with other electronic devices that are within range, so be careful not to point it at anything you don’t want to disable.
Finally, make sure to turn off the jammer when you’re done using it, as leaving it on can interfere with other electronic devices and cause them to malfunction.

What’s The Warranty, Return & Refund Policy?

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