Special Offer USB Powered GPS Jammer L1 L2 with LED Display


Designed with a display screen, showing you the blocked GPS frequencies.

GPS L1: 1500-1600Mhz

GPS L2: 1220-1230Mhz

If your vehicle power outlet goes OFF when the vehicle is turned off, use this USB GPS jammer along with a power bank, for highly portable and independently powered GPS Interruption.

Discreet model, it looks like a thumb drive, and has an LED display.

Get yours now and provide protection against GPS tracking devices.

Coverage of up to 10 meters.

Protective case included.

– This unit blocks GPS L1-L2 (tracking) ONLY. It will ONLY block tracking devices.  It will NOT block your navigation system (your phone maps, your in-dash navigation system, etc).  If you want to block all these devices you will need to cover GPS L1-L5, which is what our handheld GPS Interruptors does.


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