Anti-Tracking GPS Jammer with Car OBD Interface


This car GPS Isolator can be directly connected to the OBD interface of your car, enabling it working uninterruptedly 24 hours a day.– No worry about standby anymore! This means the GPS Isolator is still working even when the car is switched off, as there is no need to supply power for the GPS jammer via the car battery!

With a working current of 50mA, this GPS Isolator can work continuously for over 45 days after the car is switched off, which basically solve the power supply problem of many other gps Isolator.

Jamming frequency: GPS L1(1500MHz-1600MHz), CANNOT Isolate GSM/GPRS signal
Working voltage: 9~24V
Working current: 50mA
Interface type: standard OBD interface
Service life: above 2 years
Working continuously 24 hours a day!
100% Isolates GPS signal!
Simple “plug and play”, compatible with all OBD interfaces or vehicles.

Application area: mortgage car, second-hand car, preventing positioning & tracking, anti-speeding, taxi, bus, van, engineering vehicle, private car, cement tanker…

Note: most OBD interface are designed underneath the steering wheel.


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